Dushera is celebrated as a sign of victory of good over evil.It has two concepts for celebration.So accordingly we will read what are they.

The first concept as many know well that this holy festival is celebrated,

when lord Ram killed the demon Ravan.

The story of Ram start like this.

Long year ago., there lived a king called  Dushratha.The name of his elder son is  Ram. When Ram was ordered by his father to go the jungle far away from the kingdom and to spend 14 years there. He agreed but his wife and one of his younger brother   Lakshman also asked to go with him.

They all three went to the jungle and started living a tribal life far away from a king life.One day a demon came and she asked lord Ram to marry her.Ram replied No I can’t marry you I have a beautiful wife. Then the demon lady tried to kill his wife  Sita .  And saving her accidentally lord Ram’s brother Lakshman cut the nose of the demon lady.

She rushed to her brother who was a demon king and was the ruler of the Srilanka . The demon king Ravan   got angry and with in a dramatic planning he kidnapped Sita

When lord Ram got to know about all these.He asked him to set his wife  Sita free.But again and again he deined and at last when no other way remained he killed that demon on this day. 

So this was one concept of this festival.

Now we will look another concept which is,

victory of Goddess Durga over demon mahisasur

In the world of Gods and demons far far away from us. There was a demon named Mahisasur. He attacked the gods killed them.Even in Earth he attacked  the saints and people and killed all of them. Many gods tried but they failed. All of those came to Goddess for help. Goddess Durga fought for nine days and nine night and killed the demon. After killing him she became so much angry she became lord  kali ( the angry face of Durga) 

So guys now you will know why Goddess Durga killed mahisasur and lord Ram killed Ravan.

So now you have a clear cut Idea of this holy festival.

Thank you for reading my blog .

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