Will not force you to read.But you will get 100% motivation to. GUARANTEED.
A poor guy.,who had nothing to eat if not worked for a day. Once he was Forced by his friends to watch a movie. This movie was about a strict and perfect IPS Officer(one of the most reputed Officer post in India) . Watching this movie he got so inspired that,he decided to be one like him. That time he was studying in class 10.when he ask his parents for study. They denied him saying what you will do studying. Go to the Fields and work there. Study is not for you. Later they forced him not to study. So he decided to study secretly. For this he needed money
So he decided to work in a tea stall, worked as newspaper hawker, even worked as a swiper,wall painter,cobbler.
During this he got his BA degree.
He saved as much he can for his further studies during that period.
Later he went to Delhi(capital city of India)for coaching.
He worked there. His first attempt was a failure. Next he become a IPS Officer.
Oh yes he is the IPS of my town.

Once you determine to get something. Hell no one can able to stop you.


It is a real life story of a poor Auto driver and how he became the manager of a Rs485 crore business.

It was a story of about 2 years back.Like every day.,it was a busy day too.A Rich business man who is in a hurry for a business meeting,was standing on the road.He was trying to stop a auto.,a auto stopped in front of him and asked where you want to go sir.he replied “I want to go to the railway station”. In a gentle manner “yes sir of course please have a sit”the auto driver replied.

They travelled for about 20 minutes and reached the station.

They were late for the train and that business man was carrying 3 bags.

When he saw the train moving.

He just ran to pick the train with his Bags.And he picked up the the train.

After he was gone.,the auto driver saw a bag lying on his seat.But sonner he Chased the train,the train left the platform.

He went home carrying this back.

Every day he was looking the bag and wishing god to meet the owner soon.

May years passed.And after a long time of about 5-6 years. He meet that business man again.

He shouted from the back side hello sir” sir listen”sir here look me up.

The business man stopped and watch who is shouting.The auto driver came and said “did you recognized me sir”.

The business man replied “no who are you”.

Then the driver told him sir

Remember”many years back.,you rode with me and you left your bag in the auto”.

He got shocked and suprised and asked yes yes I remember you boy.But why you came to me after getting my bag.

The driver replied sir” I had not opened you bag yet.,I was waiting for you to return you back and luckyly I found you.”

The business man can’t stopped his tears and Started crying.

He said “fool that bag is containing rs5millon”

The driver replied ” I don’t care sir.,it belongs to you and I can’t take it.

The business man got impressed and said “you just take that money with you boy”.

I will pay you rs2lcs per month.

Would you work me.I want you to be my manager.I will pay for you further study .

After wards that auto driver studied bcom and mba and lift the business to new level.

A true heart touching about loyalty and trust.


Having interest in something or having perfection is different at all.

You have heard many times, peoples saying do what you are perfect in., that will leads you to success.

Yes,may be if you are perfect in something., it helps you a lot pushing you towards your success.

But have you ever thought.,why and how did you get you perfection. You got your perfection because you have did that particular work again and again.

Doing the same work repeatedly brings you the perfection in that field .

For example we can say., In our home when we Chop oninon.,if we compare those days when Mom taught us to chop and at present.

Oh yes, obviously you have increased your speed and improved the style of chopping.

Perfection comes from doing a work repeatedly it don’t matters if you are interested in or not.

Then why I have written

Do you are interested in and not perfect in.

It is because.,if you can do a work repeatedly and you can get your perfection in it.

Then if you will do the work what you are interested in then you will become a legend of your field . You will be a master because you enjoy your work and you will NEVER feel you are doing something .you will feel like you are in your comfort zone where you have to do only the things you like.

For and entrepreneur., his interest in something matters because.,when he will do his job he loves and is interested in.,he will found himself in a imaginary world that he had built for his own comfort zone., where he is the king. And he has all his power. He will feel as if he is doing for himself.He will do his work with his full determination.

Nobody can stop you doing what you loves to do.

Be your own king.,be the ruler of your mind.